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 Congratulations to Lauren Binghak!

Lauren came in third place for the South Carolina Education Association statewide art contest.  She receive a shirt, $25, and a certificate.  Isaiah Sibley was presented a certificate for receiving outstanding creativity.  Congratulations to Isaiah and Lauren!


 Thanks for a success book fair!

 Read Across America

Character Parade


Marshall Oratory Competition

Marshall Elementary School held its fourth annual MLK Oratory Competition on December 15, 2016.  The following students represented classes: fourth grade – Malaika Gree, Riley Glenn, Ashlyn Hughes, BryNeshia Brown   fifth grade: Amiya Govan, Kennedy Gunn, Lauren Brockington, Ahmere Pompey, A’sherah Murphy

 The school winners: First Place – Jessica James
                                Second Place – Kennedy Gunn
                                Third Place – Ashlyn Hughes

Thanks to Mrs. Irick and Ms. James for all of your hard work!


Congratulations to JESSICA JAMES!

Marshall Elementary School is so proud of a fifth grader student, Jessica James, who represented our school in the District Oratory competition on Thursday, January 26,2017. The most exciting part was Jessica won! Jessica received a grand applause when she stated in her speech, that if she was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. she would say “ Teachers cannot continue to pass students to the next grade that cannot read, write, or do math on their grade level. If we do this, we are giving students false hope. I am sure it is embarrassing for a student to receive a high school diploma and cannot read the information on it.”  We are so proud of you, Jessica!

 American Education Week

How we celebrated:

Readers from SCSU Basketball Team,  O-W Football Team,  SCSU Delta Sigma Theta

Popcorn for Parents

Golden Bee Teacher of the Day

Teacher and Administrator for the Day

Poster Contest




iPad Deployment

We will send information out to parents when iPads arrive.  In the mean time, you may read over the usage policy.

 Usage Policy  Page 1    Page 2


MES Annual Book Hunt

Our Annual Book Hunt was held the week before Spring Break!  This year we were able to allow all students to participate.  Each child was able to "find" 2 books that they took home.








Ms. Zacherl also assisted with the book hunt.

Read Across America Week


Marshall Elementary celebrated Read Across America.  Readers visited the school, students read to a younger buddy, and students read to their stuffed animals after Dr. Seuss's book What Pet Should I Get was read to the students on the morning show.  The grand finale was a character parade.


Wax Museum

Mrs. Irick and Mrs. Thomas's classes created a wax museum.  The wax students come to life explaining who they were and how they were important.


Independent Reading has gone digital at Marshall. In addition to traditional books, our students are participating in a school-wide reading initiative through The American Reading Company. Homeroom teachers leveled their students and have placed "just right" texts on students' iPads. Students' reading levels increase when they have access to "just right" books and are given protected time to read. Please visit to access the eBooks on your home computer, cell phone, or other digital device. Your child's unique username and password can be obtained by contacting your child's ELA teacher.

Marshall Elementary’s Oratory Competition was held Thursday, December 3rd. Winning first place was Sheridan Tucker- Staley from Mrs. Raysor’s homeroom. 2nd place winner was Amya Govan from Mr. Hodge’s homeroom, while Christian Zachary from Ms. Field’s homeroom. Participants provided the audience with dramatic speeches focused on the values of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Other participants were Zaniya Huggins, Erykah Hamilton, Kennedy Gunn, Jaiesha Rodriguez, Micah Nembhard, and Kylah Pruitt-Moore. Marshall faculty and staff are very proud of all participants. They did a fabulous job!


    Students at Marshall have been participating in Hour of Code, an initiative led by our school's DRC, Ms. LaToya Glen. Mr. Nicholas Boatwright, Instructional Coach and Ms. Robin Feuerman, Resource Teacher have also assisted in working with classes. Hour of Code is an international campaign to assist students in becoming interested in computer science. Students pledge to learn how to program games for one hour. Computer programming requires students to use programming language and commands to complete a series of tasks.


Marshall Elementary received a $3500.00 grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation to Support the annual Book Hunt which will be held in March.